M&E: Minova, Scantech, Hytorc and Ultraspin

MINOVA is hosting a sausage sizzle to raise funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service at the 2009 Mining & Energy New South Wales exhibition, while Scantech will have its coal quality analysers on display.
M&E: Minova, Scantech, Hytorc and Ultraspin M&E: Minova, Scantech, Hytorc and Ultraspin M&E: Minova, Scantech, Hytorc and Ultraspin M&E: Minova, Scantech, Hytorc and Ultraspin M&E: Minova, Scantech, Hytorc and Ultraspin

Scantech coal quality analyser.

Blair Price

To be held in conjunction with parent company Orica Mining Services, the sausage sizzle will be at Stand 9010.

“Strategically M&E is an important show for us,” Orica’s South East & NZ business manager Nigel Pereira said.

“It only comes around once every four years and provides a great opportunity for the Hunter Valley mining community to get together and look at new and emerging technologies.

“Orica and Minova are entrenched in this community and by bringing the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service to the event we hope to emphasise the importance of the service and to make some money for their charity.”

Minova has been active in the Hunter Valley for 30 years and specialises in underground civil, mining and tunnelling consumables and ventilation systems.

At Stand 2174, Scantech will showcase its new Dual Energy Transmission technology for online ash measurement of coal depths up to 400mm.

The company will also exhibit its newly released TBM 230 coal microwave moisture monitor.

Scantech says the monitor can penetrate coalbed depths of up to about 600mm.

“Online analysis allows more efficient use of the resource, more effective process control and more cost-effective methods of mining, processing and burning coal,” Scantech representative Michael Edwards said.

Used in more than 50 countries and 800 mines, Scantech’s on-belt Coalscan analysers provide real-time analysis of raw product thermal and coking coals.

Over to Stand 2055, Hytorc will demonstrate what it says is the world’s first hydraulic torque and tension wrench without a reaction arm, the latest addition to its range.

The manufacturer will also showcase its LoaDisc and clamp nuts along with the latest Avanti and Stealth ranges for fast, pinch point-free, backup wrench-free and accurate stud/bolt loading. Hytorc says this combination ensures leak-free joints, even in inverted applications.

Ultraspin will showcase a new oil skimmer and a new aeration tank that polishes water to meet strict environmental regulations at Stand 1027.

The company will also display its small, packaged oily water separation system.

The system is already used in minesites to treat water from vehicle wash areas, fuel bunded areas, maintenance workshops, remote power plants and for groundwater remediation.

The exhibition will be held at the Muswellbrook Showground from September 22 to 24.

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