Orica to renew focus on Minova growth

EXPLOSIVES and chemicals giant Orica is keen to grow its subsidiary Minova along with its other mining lines of business after floating its DuluxGroup paint division on Monday.
Orica to renew focus on Minova growth Orica to renew focus on Minova growth Orica to renew focus on Minova growth Orica to renew focus on Minova growth Orica to renew focus on Minova growth

Minova: strata support.

Blair Price

Orica managing director Graeme Liebelt revealed some of the strategy ahead to ABC’s Inside Business program on Sunday.

“We still see opportunity for organic [growth] and acquisitions in the explosives business, the Minova business, which is in ground stabilisation and various other chemicals for helping with underground mining and tunnelling," Liebelt said.

He said the DuluxGroup spin-off would create more value for the company, which would exceed the costs of separating it from Orica.

In late October Minova launched its new fully automated rock bolt manufacturing plant in Sydney’s Arndell Park.

The facility is targeting output of more than 2 million rock bolts a year but could be expanded to hit 5 million rock bolts per annum.

Aside from its range of strata support products and services, Minova has a 30-year history in supplying chemical strata support consumables to Bowen Basin mines.

Minova will launch the new Carbomine resin injection system at QME 2010 later this month.

The Orica subsidiary said Carbomine’s application benefits included a low-reaction temperature of less than 50C, low viscosity for enhanced crack penetration and high-bond strength of up to 7MPa.

The NovaBolt self-drilling injectable bolting system, using the Cabothix injection resin, will also be unveiled.

Minova said this resin offered significant performance, safety and logistical benefits over traditional styrene-based polyester resin systems.

The company is also a key provider of emergency response and ventilation services and systems.