Coal Services to provide better VR training

HI-tech research company QinetiQ has won a $1.6 million contract to develop the next generation of software for the Virtual Reality Training technology provided by Coal Services Health & Safety Trust.

Blair Price

Coal Services expects this upgrade project to take its VRT technology to a “complete new level in terms of flexibility and adaptability” and will be finalised in early 2011.

“Following its completion, and with ongoing consultation of all stakeholders, the enhanced VRT technology will be extensively used by the mining industry, which can also provide broader benefits to other hazardous industries and the community,” Coal Services chairman Ron Land said.

He added the further development of the technology helped Coal Services keep up with industry demand for increased efficiency and training content.

QinetiQ is a leading provider of defence technology and was selected by Coal Services because it had broad experience in virtual reality content development.

“They have a vast experience in high-risk industries, offering innovation and advanced products and services that can be applied to this project,” Land said.

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