Safer productivity with ProBore, ProPoint

KENNAMETAL recently released its ProBore roof bolting solution as well as ProPoint high-efficiency picks, both of which can offer greater productivity and safety for operations.
Safer productivity with ProBore, ProPoint Safer productivity with ProBore, ProPoint Safer productivity with ProBore, ProPoint Safer productivity with ProBore, ProPoint Safer productivity with ProBore, ProPoint

Jubilee executive chairman Kerry Harmanis

Donna Schmidt

Published in the May 2010 Coal USA Magazine

The ProBore roof bits have a new twisted-body design developed specifically to improve operation compared to the performance of typical straight-body designs, as that style can often lead to inefficiency and downtime when dust and other materials block the movement of and slow the equipment.

“The new ProBore twisted-body design acts like a flute on a twist drill, efficiently channelling dust away, simultaneously reducing clogging and lowering cutting forces, making drilling more efficient,” the company noted.

The bit also features an arched tip support, which expands its seating area to minimise breakage and also extends its life. The three-step arch design allows for quieter drilling, easier removal of the drill and a drilling speed increase of 17% in some applications and geological areas.

Kennametal offers two point styles on ProBore, a solid-nose style for increased penetration rates and a split-nose version for the most demanding underground needs.

The Pennsylvania supplier also has made available its new ProPoint high-efficiency pick for continuous miners and longwall shearers, which has a new, thinner cross-section to lower power consumption and respirable dust while increasing material size.

Featuring a narrow-bottom tip, the new product was designed to reduce breakage and extend service life, allowing more rock cutting and less CM motor trips.

The company looked to its existing Slimline and Extended NB tip designs in the development of ProPoint, and incorporated the best features of both on the new product.

“The goal was to have a tip that protected the body, and for the entire pick to have a slimmer profile,” according to earth cutting tools marketing director Nick Gaten.

“This provides a cleaner cut that produces less dust and fines.”

The design also results in a significant decrease in vertical, drag and side cutting forces, lowers power consumption and leaves crews with less dust generation. Material size and shape using ProPoint are also more uniform, resulting in less waste and a more profitable product overall for operations.

“Kennametal ProPoint and ProBore tools allow mine operators to run faster, deeper, longer and safer,” the company said, noting that mines can see significant improvements in safety and productivity particularly when the two products are used in combination by mines.

Looking ahead, Gaten noted that Kennametal continues to work hard at research and development to bring the mining industry cutting-edge tools – literally.

“Our goal is to improve both the safety and the productivity of our customers,” he said.