Pioneer Burrell releases Omega 384

Staff Reporter

A NEW underground building product from Pioneer Burrell Mining Services is said to provide efficiency and occupational health and safety advantages over existing materials. The Omega 384 building block, for stopping construction and use in building roof props, is lightweight and easy to install, according to PBMS.

The supplier said a standard Omega 384 block (20cm x 40cm x 60cm) weighed only 18kg and covered the same area as three regular concrete blocks. The higher coverage rate means fewer Omega 384 blocks are used to complete a stopping or other installation compared to standard concrete blocks, which cuts handling and therefore the incidence of back strains.

PBMS said other benefits of the cement/fly-ash/polyester-fibre Omega bricks included:

* USA Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) tested.

* Fire resistant, incombustible and impermeable.

* Tested for flexural strength to withstand lateral forces encountered in a mine (ASTME-72) and found to be almost twice as strong as a concrete block wall with mortar joints.

* Compresses upon itself to maintain sealing qualities

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