oz-coal.com launched

Another on-line coal buying and selling internet site could just be different enough to work

Staff Reporter

With the launch of oz-coal.com on June 30, coal traders and Australian coal miners will have yet another venue for buying and selling coal. The new internet website was developed to assist with business-to-business buying and selling of coal.

Brisbane-based Transcoal formed a venture with Ultra Systems Technology to develop the internet website which will allow registered sellers to post parcels of coal for sale on a "Market Board."

Transcoal managing director Faith Dempsey said oz-coal.com would be different from other similar sites. Companies would be able to find information related to coal buying and selling including freight rates and foreign exchange rates. The Anderson Hughes Group will supply on-line vessel information for the site, and Carbon Consulting International will supply coal sampling and port superintending services and information.

An exclusive interview with Faith Dempsey on what makes oz-coal.com different will be published on ILN on July 10.

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