Canada coal statistics for July 2000

Year to date figures show a reduction in Canadian coal production of 2.3%.

Staff Reporter

In July 2000 Canadian production of coal totalled 5.798 million tonnes, down 6.7% on last year's figure. Year to date production (Jan-Jul 2000) figure stood at 41.411Mt, down 2.3% on the same period last year.

July exports decreased to 2.816Mt, down 14.4% on July 1999 but January to July figures show a 4.5% reduction in exports of 19.310Mt.

Coke production decreased to 278,000t, which is down 1.7% from July 1999.

Canada is a major coal producer and consumer, with an estimated 1998 output of 83.1 million short tons (Mmst), consumption of about 65.7Mmst, and reserves at 9.5 billion short tons. About 80% of Canada's coal exports are metallurgical, with 60% purchased by Japan and 16% by South Korea.

Canadian coal consumption is primarily (87%) for electricity generation, with the remainder mainly used for steel-making. Coal's share of the total energy market in Canada is about 10%, compared to 22% in the United States. The coal industry employs about 9000 Canadians.