Queensland coal statistics - December 2000 quarter

CALENDAR 2000 was a record year for Queensland coal production, exports and productivity, according to the March 2001 edition of the Queensland Government Mining Journal (QGMJ).

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Coal produced for the year totalled 129.031 million tonnes, up 5% over the previous year. Mines which contributed most to the increase were Coppabella, North Goonyella, Blackwater, Ensham, Foxleigh, Kestrel, Oaky North, Moura and Sevenmile.

Saleable coal produced in the December 2000 quarter totaled 34.163Mt, up 12% on the December 1999 quarter.

Exports during the December quarter also increased to 28.842Mt (up 8%). Exports for calendar 2000 increased by 12% to 111.242Mt, a record export tonnage for any 12 month period.

Exports to Japan increased by 5.939 Mt (16%), to other Asian countries by 2.533Mt (9%), and Europe by 2.159Mt (9%). In the 12 month period, coking coal exports increased by 7.090Mt (10%) and thermal exports increased by 4.614Mt (15%).

Employment in the state increased by 109 positions, or 1% with 8 199 people employed at December 31, 2000. Productivity also increased by 8.93% from an average 50.55t per shift in December 1999, to 55.06t/shift. Productivity for the year was 15,910t per person, up 15%.

Sales within Queensland during the year decreased slightly by 0.3% to 19.817Mt. Interstate sales in calendar 2000 increased by 14.4% over 1999, much of which was sold to BHP steel works.

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