Current converter technology alternative

AUSTRALIAN longwall mines now have a competitive choice in current converter technology with the development by electrical engineering group i.Power Solutions, of a new frequency current converter for underground applications.

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Developed and manufactured by Bramco Electronics through a co-operative association with i.Power Solutions, the device has been specifically designed for speed monitoring of conveyor pulleys or any other high frequency rotating device.

The i.Power Solutions Frequency Current Converter operates by converting an input frequency from a Namur proximity sensor located in the hazardous area into a 0/4-20mA current signal. The Namur proximity sensor is connected via a 2 channel I.S zener barrier. However, the unit can operate with or without the IS barrier

“The unit boasts fully adjustable settings (that are independent of the module), fault indicators on open and short circuits, and an inbuilt microprocessor ensuring accuracy to .1% as some of its most significant features,” the company said.

The component has eight front panel indicators including displays for – Normal, Frequency Setting Error, Short Circuit, Open Circuit and 4 – 20mA fault loop. The 4mA and 20mA currents can be set using the front panel settings (4mA Adj and 20mA Adj respectively).

The converter includes front panel rotary setting switch enabling settings to be adjusted without power connection. The analog output provides a 4 – 20mA signal proportional to the frequency or Input.


- Input frequency range: 0.5 – 700Hz

- Output current range: 4 – 20mADC

- Pulse frequency maximum: 700Hz

- Pulse frequency minimum: 0.5Hz

- Current output: 4-20mA into 400 ohms

- Power input 24 VDC 1W

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