Supply chain network to integrate 300 suppliers

LEADING provider of supply chain integration solutions, Advanced Data Exchange (ADX) will be providing infrastructure management for RAG American Coal Holding. All data exchange with customers and suppliers will be streamlined, generating cost savings and efficiencies.

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The agreement follows the recently announced relationship between ADX and DBT America, another subsidiary of RAG Coal International. It also underscores ADX’s increasing success in streamlining and improving supply chain processes throughout the mining and metals industry.

ADX will provide RAG American Coal with on-network translation services to integrate over 300 suppliers, including approximately 90 EDI-enabled suppliers, helping to reduce errors, achieve greater efficiency, cut costs and increase profitability.

ADX adds RAG American Coal to a long list of mining and metals enterprise customers, including Arch Coal, Peabody Energy and DBT America, which together provide expanded value for industry trading partners connecting to the ADX Network.

ADX’s outsourced solution will enable RAG to securely send a MIMS flat file to the ADX Network for translation into ADX’s proprietary XML format. From there, the transaction may be translated into standard ANSI-X12 EDI and sent to EDI-enabled suppliers, or sent through the ADX Network to RAG suppliers equipped with ADX Desktop or WebAccess products. These suppliers may then send back the appropriate response document electronically without an investment in EDI software or systems.

“RAG American Coal has turned to ADX to manage thousands of EDI transactions every day based on the power, reliability and stability of the ADX Network,” said David Michaud, vice president of marketing for ADX.

“This partnership fortifies ADX’s value proposition to the mining and metals industry and enhances our position as a leader in supply chain integration services.”

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