All about bolting

THE theme at this year’s Fifth International Symposium being held at Germany’s Aachen University is “Roofbolting in Mining”.
All about bolting All about bolting All about bolting All about bolting All about bolting

Roof bolting at Moranbah North

Staff Reporter

To take place June 2-3, the conference follows on from previous annual symposia including High-Performance Mine Production and Rapid Mine Development.

“The Symposium aims to present recent trends and developments for the diverse possible applications of roofbolting in the mining industry as well as in tunneling and other special civil engineering purposes,” said Professor Per Nicolai Martens, head of the Institute of Mining Engineering at Aachen.

Topics include: operational experiences; roofbolting concepts; monitoring and quality control; software applications; roofbolting equipment (bolts, resin, mesh and streps, machinery, automation); geotechnical and Geomechanical aspects; occupational health and safety; and legal framework.

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