Wanted: info on world's first support

INTERNATIONAL Longwall News is looking for people who know their history. Particularly people who know something about the first powered roof support.

Staff Reporter

What we've gathered so far is this:

In 1954, the world's first powered roof support (that wasn't a single-leg prop) was installed at the Ormonde mine in the old No 5 area, the East Midlands Area, based in Nottinghamshire.

The Gullick chock was developed by the company's chief mining engineer, Tom Seaman who produced the first powered support by using 4 Dowty props in a frame.

The support ram is single acting and was used for support advance only. One in 4 supports had a double acting ram, which made these units "pusher" supports. Supports had a 0.5 inch feed hose and initially the fluid from the chocks was discharged into the waste. It was said, "the time to operate each chock was only slightly greater than 1 minute".

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