Fire reality launched

A TRAINING simulator for confined spaces was unveiled by the New South Wales Fire Brigades (NSWFB) at the Museum of Fire in Penrith yesterday.
Fire reality launched Fire reality launched Fire reality launched Fire reality launched Fire reality launched

New South Wales Fire Brigades in action

Angie Tomlinson

NSWFB acting commissioner Graham Dewsnap said the simulator will provide confined space training to businesses in a controlled and safe environment and allow participants to receive realistic and professional training in areas such as safe entry and emergency procedures within a confined space.

The simulator was designed and built by ComSafe, the NSWFB’s commercial safety training provider to industrial and commercial organisations.

ComSafe manager and NSWFB superintendent Sel Mathias encouraged any Sydney businesses whose staff worked in storage tanks, silos, pipes, sewers or shafts to consider enrolling them in the training.

“Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workcover regulations businesses are obliged to ensure all personnel entering, working on or supervising confined space locations have undergone relevant confined spaces training,” he said.

Mathias said the simulator was mobile and could be brought to a businesses site.

“The beauty of the simulator is that it is mobile, so confined spaces training can be conducted at one of our training centres or on-site following a detailed risk assessment,” he said.

The NSWFB established ComSafe Training Services in response to the growing demand from industry, commerce, and the wider community for comprehensive professional fire safety training.