Low profile mining gear arrives

AUSTRALIAN-listed Bounty Industries has received its second set of low profile coal mining equipment from the United States.

Staff Reporter

The gear, which includes a Joy 14CM15 continuous mine, RR11 roof bolter, DDO roof bolter, and Stamler continuous haulage system, is undergoing recoding for the Australian industry in Bounty’s Newcastle workshop.

The capital raising Bounty carried out in March funded the purchase of the equipment, to be deployed at the company’s central Queensland project, mining in a 1.6m coal seam.

Bounty’s first production unit is operating at Centennial Coal’s Ivanhoe colliery.

It is thought the Stamler continuous haulage system may be one of the first of its kind in Australia. It operates as a segmented conveyor connecting the miner to the main conveyor system and replaces the need for shuttle cars and feeder breakers.

“The seamless conveyance of coal from the miner to the main conveyor can increase the productivity of mobile underground coal mining production by up to 50%,” the company said.

“Bounty is committed to investing in proven technology from the United States to improve the performance of coal mining in Australia, and continuous haulage, as well as low profile coal mining, is an important part of our strategy.”

Bounty anticipates commissioning the continuous haulage system before year-end.