Emergency response gets smarter

MINES will have the ability to call 800 stored phone numbers all at once during an emergency to ensure first responders and emergency personnel are immediately contacted, thanks to new technology from Sydney-based Adtec Communications.
Emergency response gets smarter Emergency response gets smarter Emergency response gets smarter Emergency response gets smarter Emergency response gets smarter


Angie Tomlinson

ALERTS (ADTEC Linked Emergency Response Telephone System) provides fast, easy and reliable emergency services communications, alerting disaster recovery, trauma team notification, team conference calls and messaging.

The system can be used as an automated back-up response if the mainstream communications system fails.

System features include activation by calling telephone number and entering PIN, simple voice prompts for initiators and participants, and multiple contact numbers possible for each participant.

It also offers programmable calls for emergency conference or broadcast message only, variable redial function for numbers dialled, easy changes to team members by administration personnel, multiple conferences that can be held simultaneously, local or remote control by operator software and optional interfaces to radio paging systems.

ALERTS also allows logging of all system activity, retains system memory in the event of power failure, can be expanded easily by addition of line cards and can also be used to handle standard conference calls.

The system has been installed at the South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service to back up its automatic turn-out system in the rural and regional areas of the state.

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