China province cracking down on miner deaths

IN AN effort to further encourage safety in Chinese mines, the Shaanxi Province said it will force any operation that incurs three or more deaths to shut down.

Donna Schmidt

Province deputy governor Wu Dengchang told Chinese Business View that a new regulation will also require local governments to be involved with regular mine inspections. Additionally, new rules developed to curb overcrowding will stipulate that mines with a six-tonne capacity may only hold 20 miners at one time.

“We should no longer respond to these accidents with only verbal threats,” he told the paper.

For every miner death, according to the paper, a fine of 500,000 yuan ($US62,000) will be served to the operation’s owner. A forced mine suspension will be given to mines with two deaths, and those suffering three or more deaths in one accident will be idled permanently.

All fine monies will be used to further develop more mine safety ideas, the report said.