Low-seam continuous miner on display in South Africa

THE heavy weight, high power and uniquely integrated design of DBT’s 30M3 continuous miner make it the perfect fit for tough South African cutting conditions in mid to low seams.

Staff Reporter

The DBT 30M3 is a drum-type continuous miner that cuts material from the solid face with chainless cutting drums. It sumps at the top of the seam and shears downwards to the coal floor. A CLA-type (centrifugal loading arm) gathering head and conveyor loads the coal onto coal haulers.

DBT Africa business development manager Ian van den Brink said at present there are about 180 continuous miners operating in South Africa, with the majority of them operating in seam heights greater than 3.5m. He said the 30M3 was designed for cutting conditions in the 1.4-4m mining range.

“As the reserves at this seam height are depleted, there is an increasing need for a mid- to low-seam heavy-duty machine capable of mining hard coal,” van den Brink said.

The miner offers a heavy and stable platform for this mining height range, allowing it to make full use of its dual 186kW cutter motors and new-generation integrated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) traction system for hard cutting conditions. The ground clearance of 305mm allows operation on uneven terrain and in rough conditions.

“The key to safe high-production coal mining is a combination of operator skill and machine performance and reliability. The DBT 30M3 meets these requirements with user-friendly controls, a lightweight remote, and high-visibility machine and interface,” van den Brink said.

Visitors at the Electra Mining Africa 2006 exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa this September will be able to see DBT’s 30M3, as well as a range of the company’s underground mining equipment, including the FBL 10 shield hauler.

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