Mining finance dries up

FINANCING for Australia-listed mining players fell 68% in the recent quarter, with research group IntierraRMG expecting cash-starved juniors to collapse by year-end if the “capital drought” continues.
Mining finance dries up Mining finance dries up Mining finance dries up Mining finance dries up Mining finance dries up


Blair Price

In what was another gloomy instalment of its mining and finance market report series, IntierraRMG cited a combination of falling metals prices, nervous bankers and risk-averse investors as reasons for a startling plunge in the finance raised by listed mining companies around the world.

Its data revealed a total of $US2.28 billion ($A2.54 billion) was raised in the June quarter – a 56% fall from the previous quarter and a 63% decline year-on-year.

The Australia-listed segment of this appeared worse with $0.45 billion raised in the June quarter. This was a 68% fall from the previous quarter total of $1.41 billion.

The Toronto-listed brigade fared better with an 11% quarter-on-quarter fall to $1.09 billion for the June quarter while the London-listed crew surprisingly raised $0.5 billion, a 150% increase from what was a historically low $0.2 billion it raised in the March quarter.

The bigger mining companies around the world have particularly faced a rough time. The IntierraLive mining database revealed that $1.43 billion was raised in the June quarter by the 555 companies it tracks with a market cap exceeding $100 million.

This was a 65% fall from the $4.08 billion they raised in the March quarter. By the same comparison, minerals explorers were found to have raised 28% less to $1.04 billion in the June quarter.

Yet IntierraRMG editorial director Dr Chris Hinde chimed in with a grim prediction for the junior explorer sector.

“Cash holdings for the junior companies are now at critical levels (with overall cash balances of under $10 billion for explorers),” he said in a statement.

“Many of the smaller companies will be unlikely to survive until the end of this year unless there is a dramatic reversal of fortune.”

Overall, IntierraRMG said the global mining industry faced a severe capital drought and concerning levels of debt.

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