Brookville introduces underground locomotive

BROOKVILLE Equipment Corporation has expanded its mining product portfolio in 2013, offering up custom haulage and transportation solutions for mining customers in the US market and abroad, including the production of its largest underground mining locomotive since the company was founded in 1918.

Lou Caruana

Designed to be operated on a dedicated haulage loop in a copper mine, the 45.4-tonne underground mining locomotives feature a 335-horsepower diesel engine, car brakes and remote control capabilities.

The units will operate in tandem – with the lead locomotive remotely controlling the trailing unit on a dedicated radio frequency, allowing the two units to work together without conflict.

The combined size and power coupled with the remote communication system of the mining locomotives will provide the means necessary to tame 998 tonnes of ore cars.

A power gearing set-up will prevent the locomotives, which operate on standard 1435-mm track gauge in Mexico, from exceeding 19.3 kilometres per hour – allowing for the highest adhesion and maximum tractive effort while in operation.