Meeting to discuss explosion protection group

AI GROUP is hosting a forum in March to consider forming the Explosion Protection Technical Association (ExTA) for Australia and New Zealand.

Lou Caruana

It will be held in Sydney on March 20.

This follows an August 23 forum where stakeholders established a steering committee to investigate the feasibility of a technical association that would serve a range of industry needs related to hazardous areas.

The steering committee will report on its findings and attendees will also be asked to vote on the formation of ExTA as an incorporated association.

Once established, the ExTA will provide a much needed vehicle for discussion and networking on all matters related to explosion protection in hazardous areas, according to ExTA Steering Committee chairman Ian Webster, who is also group engineering manager at Ampcontrol.

ExTA aims to provide a prospective vehicle to manage the ANZEx explosion protected product certification scheme as and when Standards Australia divests itself of its current management role.

“The ANZEx scheme is pivotal to the regulation of underground coal mining equipment in Australia, and the continuing efficacy of that scheme will be of significant interest to the industry,” Webster said.

The principal aims of ExTA are firstly to provide a technical forum that would enable the broad supply chain - from designers, manufacturers, importers, certifying bodies, regulators, end-users, maintainers and training organisations – to engage in discussions and forums for all explosion protection regimes including Groups I (underground coal), II (petrochemical) and III (dusts).

The ExTA will also make a case to be considered to take over the management body function of the ANZEx scheme.

“Stakeholders are encouraged to have their say on how ExTA will operate” Webster said.

“Join with government and regulators, manufacturers, designers, educators, standards bodies and other supply chain partners to consider how ExTA may help the industry face issues and challenges both current and future.”

The meeting will be held at 51 Walker St North Sydney and there is no charge for this event.