Only one coal pit left in UK

THE UK is losing two of its three remaining coal pits, with UK Coal’s announcement it is closing its Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire pits.

Sadie Davidson

The closures will mean job losses of 1300 and leave employee-owned Hatfield colliery in South Yorkshire as Britain's last remaining deep pit mine.

The majority of the 2000 people employed by UK Coal will be out of a job within the next 18 months including those that work at the company’s HQ in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The embattled firm is hoping to secure a &pound20million boost from a combination of government and private sector investors.

However, the company will still need to make the closure if it is to stay afloat.

The government will provide a &pound10m loan towards the &pound20m cost of closing the mines, with a loss of tax and national insurance contributions to the Treasury of about £30m a year.

Unions argue closures will make the UK more dependent on Russian and other foreign-sourced coal, weakening the security of energy supply.