NLT releases new software

NORTHERN Light Technologies released Digital Mine 5.0 software at the Queensland Mining Expo.

Lou Caruana

NLT global digital solution managing director Tim Haight said the company used the opportunity to demonstrate the vast functionality, versatility and simplicity of the new software – “a must for mine productivity”

“We’re thrilled that the release coincided with the QME,” he said.

The software offers several new features, including intuitive simplicity of use and a new map interface which incorporates an easy-to-use Google maps-style overview to track or locate anything, including environmental monitoring points.

With its global search, users can find anything tracked in the mine with a few keystrokes. The status of personnel with messenger lamps can now be viewed in real-time.

Map administration can be easily managed on-site. There’s no external support required to add or update information.

The Digital Mine 5.0 also has several cutting-edge applications that increases not only safety, but overall operator productivity.

It only takes one click to see where your people or commodities are – and if they’re where they should be, according to NLT.

“Easy messaging allows you to immediately contact specific zones or crews, and confirm whether they’ve received the message, eliminating the ambiguity of previous communication systems,” NLT said.