Tell-tale lamps a boon for safety

SOUTH African mining could about to get safer if mining products supplier PJ Tech’s traceable cap lamps have the desired effect.

Anthony Barich

Underground mines have until May next year to ensure all their cap lamps comply with the new more stringent standard, as South Africa tries to catch up on its zero fatalities and injuries goal it set itself in 2003.

The LED based cap lamp Smartlight-05-M1 is equipped with a position transmitter mounted within the battery set that allows the rescue search team to locate the users in life threatening situations like rockfalls or rockbursts, thus shortening the rescue time.

This is achieved by using a position finding receiver MinSearch-08. The positon transmitter is active at all times, up to seven days after the battery charge designated for providing light has been used, PJ Tech said.

The MinSearch-08 can determine the distance and direction of trapped miners behind rock walls of up to 30m.

The cap lamps are compliant with South African National Standard 1438:2013.

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