CSG rig unveiled

GASDRILL International has introduced its price-cutting, 100 tonne pullback, CMD220 unconventional gas drilling rig to the Australian market.
CSG rig unveiled CSG rig unveiled CSG rig unveiled CSG rig unveiled CSG rig unveiled

The CMD220 rig and GDI CEO Ian Mann.

Blair Price

“The CMD220 is designed to comply with API design rules, Australian mine safety recommendations and road regulations and has been developed to mobilise fast,” Gasdrill founding CEO Ian Mann said.

“In fact, due to its innovative design we believe it will be on of the fastest rigs of its size when mobilising between drilling sites.”

At less than $A2 million each for the Chinese-built rigs, Mann said it was less than half the price of similar machines made by some competitors.

The rig will drill with the largest length drill rods on the Australian market (range III). It also uses components from well-known manufacturers such as Caterpillar and Ryco.

Mann oversaw the construction of five similar rigs which were later sold to Chinese companies for that nation’s emerging CSG scene.

Gasdrill is a private company registered in Singapore with the company operating from Hong Kong.