Pro-gas group rises up in Narrabri

AN OPPOSITION community group to Lock the Gate has sprung up in the northwest of New South Wales, barracking for Santos’ Narrabri CSG project.
Pro-gas group rises up in Narrabri Pro-gas group rises up in Narrabri Pro-gas group rises up in Narrabri Pro-gas group rises up in Narrabri Pro-gas group rises up in Narrabri

A protestor who has connected himself to machinery as part of a campaign against CSG exploration in the Pilliga forest. Image courtesy Lock the Gate.

Andrew Snelling

Yes 2 Gas has been publishing large newspaper advertisements quoting community members voicing their support for the project.

The group’s spokeswoman Louise Tout told the ABC that Santos is not funding the group and that the ads are being paid for by businesses who support the CSG industry in the area.

"We need a demonstration that not everyone in the community is against the Pilliga project,” Tout told the broadcaster.

“There's a lot of local farmers, local businesses, families, individuals that all want to see the project go ahead.

"This is 100% local and 100% independent but there's no denying I talk to Santos all the time – we all do. It's about having an ongoing conversation with them.

"It's about a balanced debate and just contributing to a conversation and showing that there [are] two sides to it all, there's nothing wrong with standing up and having a different opinion because that's what being Australian is all about."

Tout said the project had lifted the local economy in a time of ongoing drought.

Meanwhile, the anti-gas side seems to have attempted to sabotage the group, starting a Facebook page in September purporting to be for Yes 2 Gas, but sporting the description: “A really silly concept of a group only motivated by short term money and complete lack of understanding of the damage already caused by CSG in the Pilliga.”

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