Software analytics player swallowed

US software company Bentley Systems has acquired UK-based C3global, which provides web-based Amulet software for operational analytics which is used by the likes of Chevron and BP and Total.
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Anthony Barich

Bentley’s AssetWise platform, which serves configuration management, asset health monitoring, inspection, maintenance and compliance for infrastructure assets, can now deliver additional actionable insights as asset performance management is extended to model asset performance.

AssetWise Amulet applies predictive and prescriptive analytics easily configurable at industrial scale to leverage “just-in-time” data for improved operational efficiencies.

Infrastructure owner-operators from water utilities, oil and gas and power transmission grids use Amulet operational analytics, including Total, BP, Chevron, Babcock, Danfoss, Emerson, MWH, National Grid, South Australian Water and Total.

ARC Advisory Group senior analyst Paula Hollywood said advanced analytics helps break down the barriers between operational technology and information technology, facilitating more effective decision making.

“Our research shows that the use of advanced analytics can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and drive higher performance,” Hollywood said.

“The acquisition of C3global by Bentley Systems is a leading indicator of industrial-scale progress being made to help organisations optimise asset performance and achieve business goals.”

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said the acquisition of Amulet enables another cumulative BIM (building information modelling) advancement – beyond leveraging ‘design modelling’, ‘construction modelling’ and ‘reality modelling’ – for enhancing infrastructure asset performance.

“By configuring Amulet’s proven, industrial-strength operational analytics with our market-leading engineering analysis portfolio, optioneering can be extended through asset performance modelling for just-in-time operational decisions, which can now predictively consider, beyond engineering, the relevant environmental and economic context,” Bentley said.

AssetWise Amulet can be readily configured to build sophisticated applications tailored to infrastructure operations needs without having to know a programming language.

It bridges the gap between information technology and operational technology, enabling advanced analytics to be an integral part of all aspects of the business process.

AssetWise Amulet is designed to integrate and analyse “big data” generated by a wide range of external applications and systems – from SQL or Oracle databases to enterprise data warehouses, industrial data historians, and control systems, as well as maintenance and work order management systems.

The data can be structured or unstructured and include systems data, photos, video, log books, Microsoft Excel files, event failures, scanned notes, witnessed events, and more.

Once data from the IT and OT systems has been captured and aggregated, the software applies the users’ business rules, models, and knowledge to provide an improved view and understanding of operational performance for decision support. In conjunction with AssetWise-certified integrations to SAP EAM, IBM Maximo, and Oracle eAM, AssetWise Amulet will help drive the right actions at the right time, reducing operational risks and improving operational efficiency.