Cat upgrades rotary drill

CATERPILLAR has upgraded its MD6640 rotary drill with a Cat390 excavator undercarriage which can be retrofitted to models in the field to minimise downtime, reduce operating costs and increase machine productivity for open cut coal mining.
Cat upgrades rotary drill Cat upgrades rotary drill Cat upgrades rotary drill Cat upgrades rotary drill Cat upgrades rotary drill

Cat MD6640 drill

Anthony Barich

The new undercarriage delivers 32% more drawbar pull for increased steering performance and 56% greater gradeability while travelling on ramps and slopes. In addition, the incorporation of double grouser track shoes provides more traction, while the longer undercarriage reduces ground pressure for improved performance in soft underfoot conditions.

The new undercarriage also reduces maintenance and increases durability as all rollers and idlers are sealed for life, meaning they don’t require periodic lubrication.

CAT says the new positive pin retention system increases track reliability and eliminates pin walking, while automatic hydraulic tensioning reduces undercarriage wear. Dual axles with an oscillating front yoke also provide the flexibility to propel over rough terrain, as well as reducing main frame maintenance.

The MD6640 mast system’s square tubular members have twice the bending strength of angle iron. The mast machinery integrates the pulldown and rotary drive into one system and avoids the higher maintenance associated with chain and cable systems. The rack and pinion system applies constant bit load pressure.

Three different mast height options allow single-pass depths of up to 21.3 metres and multi-pass depths of as much as 42.6m.

The drillstring changeout system enables quick drill pipe changes and the design allows angle hole drilling to 25 degrees in 5 degree increments.

Vibration and noise are also minimised through use of the programmed drill control option, cushioned centraliser and shock sub.

According to Cat, the “spacious and comfortable” cab is designed to enhance operator efficiency, while its windows provide a panoramic view of the drill deck and an unobstructed sight line to pipe handling operations.

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