Easternwell shows off slimmed-down rigs

TRANSFIELD Services’ Easternwell petroleum drilling business has commissioned two new Australian designed and built Advantage Light workover rigs to support a three-year multimillion dollar contract with BG in Queensland’s Surat Basin CSG fields.

Haydn Black

Easternwell claims the versatile rigs are the most technologically advanced well servicing rigs available in Australia.

The revolutionary design enables the rigs to be transported as standard semi-trailer loads rather than over-sized thereby reducing the time and cost required to move between locations.

The rig carrier and equipment is all trailer mounted so the rig can move 365 days a year with no transport permits required, and as no third party transport is required there is potential savings of up to $100,000 a month.

The rigs have a maximum 100,000 pound hook load.

The workover package has also been more than halved in size.

The first of two rigs began work in January with the second to follow this month.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane spoke at an industry event which was attended by key clients at Easternwell’s workshop in Toowoomba.

“Easternwell demonstrates what can be achieved, by developing innovative equipment that is more efficient and productive. This is especially important in an environment where costs efficiencies are crucial,” Macfarlane said.

Easternwell’s executive general manager Tim Phelan said the new rigs represented a step forward in current rig technology available in Australia.

“We have been working with [BG] for several years to apply learnings from rig operations that improve efficiency and safety and provide us with a real advantage,’’ he said.

“One example is the time required to set up and move the rigs, which has been reduced by about 40%. Over the course of a year that results in significant benefits for our clients.

“It is the capability and expertise of our team together with the collaborative relationships we have with our clients that enable us to design and build the most advanced workover rigs in the country, and position us as the leading provider of well servicing in Australia.”

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