US engineering group wins water accolade

COLORADO-based global service and engineering company CH2M has been named the winner of the 2015 Stockholm Industry Water Award, for developing and advancing methods to clean water, and increasing public acceptance of recycled water.

Lou Caruana

CH2M global water business group president Greg McIntyre said: “CH2M has long recognised that our global community cannot afford to use water once and dispose of it –fresh water sources are too precious and growing more scarce.

“We are proud to receive the 2015 Stockholm Industry Award for our leadership in the evolution and acceptance of purifying wastewater effluent to create drinking water.”

CH2M has invented, implemented and refined methods for cleaning used water back to drinking water quality. But, since this water is only valuable if people actually use it, the firm has put effort into building public understanding and acceptance.

They pioneered the application of social science research to better understand the underlying reasons for why people reject the notion of reuse and what might be done to change that mindset.

This research, combined with demonstrations, education and transparency has dispelled myths around use of treated wastewater and paved the way for a surge in interest in and acceptance of potable reuse.