New comms technology added to AMCI's range

DEVICENET communication has been added to the line-up of Automated Control and Advanced Micro Controls’ NR25 series encoders, complementing the current range of Ethernet and Profibus output options.

Lou Caruana

The NR25 networked encoders are available in both single-turn (16 bits = 65,536 counts) and multi-turn (30 bit, 65,536 counts x 16,384 revolutions) versions.

AMCI NR25 DeviceNet encoders are offered in a variety of package options that include flange mount, servo mount, solid shaft and hub shaft. Two integrated M12 connectors supply power and DeviceNet connectivity.

As the NR25 encoder is resolver based, high levels of shock and vibration can be withstood while providing absolute position feedback. This is as a result of resolvers not requiring the use of glass sensing discs or sensitive electronic components such as LEDs.

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