Lubricant can extend engine running time

AUSTRALIAN mechanical specialist Murray Engineering believes the Rewitec nanocoating lubricant system can deliver sustained running time of treated engines and gearboxes.

Lou Caruana

The unique technology has the capacity to be a real money saver for the local mining industry, according to Murray Engineering projects manager Shannon Edwards.

Edwards said that Murray Engineering had significant success with the product on its own equipment and that led to the company seeking the rights to be the exclusive Rewitec agency to the mining and construction industries in Australia.

“With our group’s annual machine utilisation, we believe we can extend major component life by 20%, which may lead to an annual cost saving of approximately $12 million, which is a big carrot to pursue for us – and the rest of the industry,” he said.

Edwards said Murray Engineering has already received strong interest from the local mining and construction sector since being awarded the agency and he believes there is potential for across all industries including marine and oil and gas.

“All industries where tribologic systems prevail will gain significant benefit from using Rewitec,” Edwards said.

“Simply put, the market includes any application where there is friction, lubrication and wear of surfaces in relative motion to one another. So it may be in marine engines, wind turbine gearboxes or axles of mobile plant.”

Edwards added that Murray Engineering expects that interest in the Rewitec products will increase once their benefits are fully demonstrated.

“We have had initial orders and consequent installation, however the benefit is proven over time so the best results are obtained from large samples,” he said.

“Whilst the product has been endorsed by large leaders in industry and independently verified by reputable universities, we will progressively use Rewitec in our machine components and publish results as they come to hand. The cost is low, risk non-existent and the expected benefit massive.”

Rewitec’s nano-coating is based on several different synthetic and mineral silicate compounds. This is used in so-called tribological systems, not least for gears, bearings and internal combustion engines.