Staff association speaks up against BMA redundancy cuts

THE Collieries’ Staff and Officials Association has called on the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) to abandon its bid to cap its workforce of redundancy pay.

Lou Caruana

BMA lodged the application with Fair Work Australia in Sydney to cut redundancy pay by applying a 9 year cap on accrued redundancy entitlements, with the case to be heard later this year.

Association director Catherine Bolger said loyal workers stood to lose 18 to over 63 weeks redundancy pay if BMA’s bid to Fair Work Australia was successful.

“Workers who have given more than 10 years’ service will be hit hard under BMA’s plans, losing tens of thousands of dollars in entitlements,” Bolger said.

“Redundancy pay is essential to keep families and communities together and it is a breach of faith with the workforce for BMA to try and strip this fundamental entitlement from loyal workers.

“To rip up the staff redundancy policy in secret and without consulting staff is a disgrace and will not stand up to scrutiny.

“This case has wide reaching implications with Anglo mines soon to be sold also affected by the cut.”

The Union is opposing the cut in Fair Work Australia and has called on BMA to “do the right thing” and immediately withdraw from the application in fair work.

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