Sounding and sighting

GAS level warnings are effective only when workers know about them. Thanks to a new audio-visual alarm from UK supplier Trolex, crews may now get that necessary alert more quickly.
Sounding and sighting Sounding and sighting Sounding and sighting Sounding and sighting Sounding and sighting

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Donna Schmidt

Published in the August 2010 Coal USA Magazine

The new TX6851 and TX6852 Audio Visual Alarms for use with sensors and monitoring systems have been designed for heavy-duty applications and feature high-intensity flashing alarms along with an integral loud audible warning.

Trolex officials said the alarm exceeded the output performance of conventional alarm devices, providing LED technology at a light concentration of 100Lm along with the extra-loud warning sounder that reaches a wide coverage area at a consistent peak output.

A flexible cable connection on the TX6851 fits directly into housings and original equipment manufacturer applications, or can be mounted onto a Trolex gas detector to provide the user with a fully integrated safety monitoring system. The TX6852 offers the same features, but with the added option of a junction box that can permit the alarm to be mounted onto machinery or mine structures.

“The alarm’s processor accepts analogue on-and-off input signals to create a rising and falling system within industry standards but without the expense of further technology, making the equipment convenient and cost-effective,” the company said.

For those operations already using Trolex products, the device can link up to those existing products for a variety of applications.

The products are available for general- purpose use, and are deemed intrinsically safe for M1 and 1G hazardous areas.

While federal approval has not yet been received from the US Mine Safety and Health Administration for use at US underground mines, the company said this was one of several new products that would be approved in the future.

In related Trolex news, the company announced in May that it has established a new industrial division to more efficiently respond to the oil/gas, power generation and distribution, and water and metal industries. The arm is being headed up by 20-year gas detection expert Gus Bol.

“I have always viewed Trolex as a professional supplier of specialist sensors and systems for heavy industries, particularly mining,” Bol said of his new duties.

“I will be using my marketing experience in explosion-proof instrumentation to take Trolex into new heavy industry markets around the world.”

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