Diversify or else: Aviva

COAL explorer Aviva Corporation is so serious about hiring a diverse range of employees to overcome the skills shortage that it is threatening to sack anyone who breaches its diversity policy.
Diversify or else: Aviva Diversify or else: Aviva Diversify or else: Aviva Diversify or else: Aviva Diversify or else: Aviva


Lou Caruana

Diversity may result from a range of factors including age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background or other personal circumstance or attribute, Aviva said.

“The company is dedicated to managing diversity as a means of enhancing the company's performance and organisational capabilities by recognising and utilising the contribution of diverse skills and attributes of all of its directors, officers and employees,” the company said.

“It is the responsibility of all directors, officers and employees to comply with the company's Diversity Policy and report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this Diversity Policy.

“Any breach of compliance with this Diversity Policy is to be reported directly to the managing director, chairman or a board member as appropriate.

“Anyone breaching this Diversity Policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.”

Aviva’s diversity policy covers hiring, training and career advancement in the organisation.

“Diversity involves recognising and valuing the unique contribution people can make because of their individual background and different skills, experiences and perspectives,” Aviva said.

“The company values the differences between its personnel and the valuable contribution that these differences can make to the company.”

Aviva owns 90% of the 1.3 billion tonne Botswanan Mmamantswe thermal coal deposit, which has a life of mine stripping ratio of 1:1 with environmental approval for a 10 million tonne per annum project due for completion early 2012.

Aviva said it was encouraging diversity in employment, and in the composition of its board, as a means of ensuring that it had access to an appropriate mix of skills and talents to “enable it to conduct its business and achieve the company's goals in an effective manner”.

“The board will encourage appropriate selection criteria based on diverse skills, experience and perspectives used when hiring new staff, including board members,” the company said.

“Job specifications, advertisements, application forms and contracts will not contain any direct or inferred discrimination.

“The board is empowered to engage professional recruitment consultants to assist in the hiring process by presenting diverse candidates to the company for consideration.”

Aviva said the board would consider senior management training and executive mentoring programs to develop skills and experience to prepare employees for senior management and board positions.

It added that it would also consider training programs to enhance the skills and capabilities throughout its workforce.

“Aviva will encourage diversity and foster an environment within the company that respects diversity in the work place and promotes equal opportunities for employment and a work environment that is free from harassment,” Aviva said.

“The company will not permit unwanted conduct based on an officer, employee or contractor’s personal circumstances or characteristics.

“The board will set measurable diversity objectives which may include procedural or structural objectives, initiatives and programs and/or targets in respect of diversification of employees, management and supporting roles, that are appropriate for the company, and which will be disclosed in the company's annual report.”

Aviva’s Diversity Policy also outlines the possibility of setting key performance indicators for the board, the chief executive officer and senior executives that are linked to the achievement of the diversity objectives set by the board.

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