Dust suppression comes of age

A DUST suppression device has been introduced specifically for use at conveyor discharge points, designed to create a virtual curtain around the material flow for outstanding particle containment.
Dust suppression comes of age Dust suppression comes of age Dust suppression comes of age Dust suppression comes of age Dust suppression comes of age

Courtesy of Dust Control Technology.

Lou Caruana

The DustBoss DB-R Ring from Dust Control Technology is engineered for industrial strength and longevity, built with a high-quality stainless steel ring outfitted with a network of atomising nozzles that deliver millions of 50-200 micron droplets per minute.

By surrounding the discharge flow on all sides, the DustBoss Ring provides simple, focused dust management well suited to continuous duty, such as radial stackers.

“This design was first developed for a coal application,” DCT chief executive Edwin Peterson said.

“The momentum created while discharging dry coal was propelling large amounts of dust into the air and the customer was looking for a way to specifically address the material as it came off the conveyor.

“The solution was simple but effective and we’re finding that it’s well suited to conveyor discharge of sand, aggregates, biomass or other traditionally dusty materials.”

The DustBoss DB-R is available in five standard sizes, from 43.2 centimetres to 254cm in diameter.

All five can be customised with DCT’s variable particle sizing technology, allowing customers to specify different droplet size ranges to match specific materials.

“The greatest chance of a collision between a dust particle and a droplet is present when the droplet and dust are roughly the same size, avoiding the slipstream effect,” Peterson said.

“If we can increase the chances of collision with a given particle size, we improve the effectiveness of the suppression.”

Designed without any moving parts, the intrinsically safe DB-R is intended for elevated mounting.

It requires no electrical power or compressed air.

The water supply hose is connected directly to male pipe threads on the ring.

Available options for the DB-R include a booster pump to elevate low water pressures, a variety of nozzle sizes and configurations and a water filter.