Hose injury spurs safety alert

AN ACCIDENT last month involving a loose discharge hose in a Queensland longwall has prompted safety regulators to issue a warning about the dangers of high-pressure hydraulic systems.
Hose injury spurs safety alert Hose injury spurs safety alert Hose injury spurs safety alert Hose injury spurs safety alert Hose injury spurs safety alert

The effected hose is normally positioned within confines of pump cart body.

Justin Niessner

The safety alert from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines detailed the incident in which an electrician was struck in the face by a hose and sprayed with hydraulic emulsion fluid.

A mines spokesperson at the department confirmed to ILN the electrician received medical treatment and had since returned to work.

In the report, the worker was checking for fluid leaks on a longwall pump sled when the discharge valve on the pump was activated which caused the unrestrained hose to move around and hit the electrician.

The hose was found outside the confines of the pump cart.

The mines department said the incident represented the latest in a series of safety alerts related to high-pressure hydraulic fluids on longwalls.

As part of the safety announcement, the department recommended all high-pressure hydraulic hose assemblies accessible to personnel be suitably restrained and subject to periodic audits.

All personnel working in and around high-pressure hydraulic installations are recommended to be trained regarding the related hazards and appropriate protocol in an emergency.

Mines are also urged to investigate the effectiveness of fitting diffuser-type devices to relief valves discharge hoses.

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