Synthetic cannabis crackdown

SYNTHETIC cannabis can now be accurately tested in Queensland workplaces, says an expert.

Staff Reporter

Calum Davie, Queensland Chief Executive of The Australian Drug Detection Agency (ADDA), says mine operators will be able to accurately test employees for use of synthetic cannabis thanks to a new testing kit being rolled out to workplaces throughout the state.

“With this new, accurate synthetic cannabis test now available Queensland employers can be assured that testing at their workplaces for synthetic cannabis is carried out to the highest possible standards,” Davie said.

“Although workplace drug use is always concerning, the use of synthetic cannabis is particularly problematic.

“Doctors who have treated synthetic cannabis users have reported extreme symptoms including increased agitation, elevated heart rates and severe hallucinations –symptoms that are not necessarily present with organically grown cannabis.

Davies stressed that the safety importance of the test, particularly in Queensland’s resource-heavy industrial sector.

“No one wants to see employees showing up for work affected by synthetic cannabis –especially in safety-sensitive industries like mining, construction and manufacturing,” he said.

Synthetic drug use has climbed significantly in recent years. A report released earlier this month by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre found that 40% of drug users reported using a synthetic substance, such as synthetic cannabis.