High-capacity brake released

Staff Reporter

SPECIALISED vehicle tyre and rim supplier SETCO Australia Pty Ltd has produced a locally designed liquid cooled SAHR brake assembly said to provide higher levels of safety and lower maintenance and operating costs.

The 6-12t-capacity brake units will work on EJC130, 913 and ST3.5 mobile equipment without additional valving. They are said to provide 12,000kg of braking capacity at 20km per hour, per wheel hub, and offer bearing life in excess of 2500 hours.

A spokesman for SETCO said the first of the brakes had been manufactured for BHP Coal’s Crinum mine in central Queensland, and for Allied Plant Services, which operates a large fleet of mobile equipment.

He said the brakes were spring-applied/hydraulic-release units. Brake application started at 1100psi and the brake was fully applied at 0psi. Brake torque could be altered by removing or adding brake plates.

The spokesman said the compact design of the new SAHR brake made it ideal for SETCO low-profile, high-capacity wheel assemblies.