May crude steel production up 9%

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The International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) reported in June that total May 2000 crude steel production in the 63 countries on which it reports was 71.56 million metric tons. This represents a 9.1% (or 5.9 million tons) increase over the output results registered in May last year.

Strong production increases were noted for all major steel producing regions in May, reflecting solid economic growth in North America and Europe and continuing recovery in South East Asia, IISI said.

May 2000 crude steel production in the 15 European Union countries, at 14.2 million tons, rose above May 1999 output by 3.6%. Production in the Other European countries totalled 3.9 million tons, a 9.7% increase on year-earlier figures.

May 2000 output in the CIS at 8.2 million tons was up 15.5% or 1.1 million tons as Russia and Ukraine continue to benefit from rising export opportunities. Total North American production of crude steel in May 2000 reached 12.25 million metric tons, 12.4% over production in May last year or a 1.35 million tons increase. May 2000 crude steel output in Brazil, at 2.44 million tons, is up 12.1% over May 1999. Total May output in South America was 3.32 million tons, up 11.2% from output in the same month last year.

In Africa, May 2000 crude steel production decreased by 1.6% over May 1999 to 946 thousand tons. Output in the Middle East was down 3.5% from a year earlier at 779 thousand tons.

Steel production in Oceania in May 2000 decreased from year-earlier figures by 3.7%, to 753 thousand tons.

Total May 2000 production in Asia reached 27.1 million tons, up 9.9% on last year's results for the same month. Production in May increased in Japan, up 18% to 9.1 million tons, (heralding a possible improvement in the domestic economy as well as better export opportunities, particularly in the Asian region), and in India up 12.4% to 2.17 million tons. In Korea production is up 12.6% or 424 thousand tons, reflecting the strong revival in the domestic economy.

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