Aachen Symposium 2001 - Roofbolting in Mining

THE Institute of Mining Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany will be running its fourth International Symposium called “Roofbolting in Mining” over June 6-7, 2001.

Staff Reporter

In more than 40 presentations mining experts from 14 countries will speak about operational experiences, roofbolting concepts, monitoring, quality control, software applications and roofbolting equipment.

Subjects will include:

Roofbolt Support – Key Technology for High Performance Longwall Operations at Great Depths

J.Elkhoff, DSK, Germany

An Interactive Roof Bolting Selection and Performance System

M.Karmis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, US

Z.Agioulantis, Technical University of Crete, GR

Variables Effecting Polyester Resin Anchorage Performance with United States Roof Bolting Systems

A.Campoli, Fosroc, US

The Applicability of Rockbolting in the face Area of Narrow Tabular Stopes

H.Yilmaz, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

E.Acheampong, A. Daehnke, CSIR, South Africa

Computerization for Roof Bolting

D.Gill, J.H.Fletcher, GB

Bolter Miners for Longwall Development

P.Altounyan, Rock Mechanics Technology, GB

S.Flook, J.Leeming, Joy Mining Machinery, GB

New Dimensioning Methods and Development in Roofbolting at DSK

K.Opolony, N.Polysos, DSK. Germany

Roofbolting in Three Continents – a Comparison

T.Lautsch, RAG Pennsylvania, US

A Case Study of Bolt Loads in a Trona Mine Retreat Section

S.Singer, NIOSH Spokane Research Lab, US

Bolting Mechanisation in Polish Coal Mines

M.Dudek, E.Pleczora, D.Prostranski, T.Winkler, KOMAG, Poland

For further details please see events calendar.