Australian mineral/energy exports up 11% for December quarter - ABARE

AUSTRALIA'S minerals and energy sector export earnings in the September-December 2000 quarter jumped 11% to $14.7 billion compared with the previous quarter, according to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE).

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The main drivers were higher world prices and volumes for crude oil, coking coal, alumina, aluminum, copper and zinc, ABARE said. Earnings were up 42% on the previous year.

"This was the sixth consecutive quarterly rise and the highest quarterly export earnings ever recorded for the sector," ABARE executive director Brian Fisher said.

He said the strong performance reflected increased world prices and volumes for a range of minerals and energy commodities, especially crude oil, coking coal, alumina, aluminium, copper and zinc.

Coking coal exports were up 8% to $1.61 billion but steaming coal was down 4% to $974 million.

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