Consol February production down 5%

CONSOL Energy reported production of 6.2 million tons for the month of February, down 5% on forecast due to ongoing mining problems at Mine 84, mechanical problems at Rend Lake following a longwall move, and because the Loveridge mine did not begin mining during February.

Staff Reporter

Consol said the production impairment was partially offset by production improvements at several mines, including Bailey and Enlow Fork. The company expects to produce 19 million to 20 million tons during the current quarter.

Mining began at Loveridge on March 1, following several months of mine rehabilitation. The mine had been sealed for more than a year because of a fire.

Northern Appalachia production totalled 4.5 million tons from the following mines: Mine 84, Bailey, Enlow Fork, Mahoning Valley, Shoemaker, McElroy, Humphrey, Dilworth, Blacksville #2 and Robinson Run.

Central Appalachia mines produced 1.3 million tons from the following mines: Buchanan, VP#8, Amonate, Jones Fork and Mill Creek.

Midwest/West production of 400,000 tons includes production from the following mines: Rend Lake, Cardinal River, and Line Creek. (Cardinal River and Line Creek are joint ventures.)

Consol is the largest producer of high-Btu bituminous coal in the United States, and the largest exporter of US coal. Consol has 23 bituminous coal mining complexes in six states and two Canadian provinces. In addition, the company produces approximately 81 million cubic feet per day of coalbed methane gas. Consol had revenues of $2.2 billion during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2000.