Researcher appointed to UQ and UNSW

DAVID Cliff has just been appointed to the University of Queensland (UQ) on a 75% basis and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) on a 25% basis in an attempt to exploit synergies and collaborative opportunities between the two universities.

Staff Reporter

As associate professor and director of research of the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (MISHC)* at UQ, Cliff’s primary role is the development of applied research in health and safety in the minerals industry. To achieve this he will be working with all major providers of research to create suitable partnerships in specific research areas.

In his role as associate professor at UNSW, Cliff will be closely involved in establishing the National Centre for Mine Ventilation being funded by the Australian Minerals Council and in developing and delivering multi-media based distance education modules in mine ventilation.

Previously Cliff was the safety and health adviser to the Queensland Mining Council, and prior to that manager of mining research at the Safety In Mines Testing and Research Station (SIMTARS). In these capacities he has provided expert assistance in the areas of health and safety to the mining industry for over 12 years. He has particular expertise in gas analysis, spontaneous combustion, fires and explosions. In recent times he has also devoted a lot of energy to fitness for duty issues and shiftwork management.

Cliff has published widely over a range of topics including:

- Computer software to aid in the early diagnosis of mine fires.

- Air pollution measurement and management

- The use of analysis to aid in the early detection and monitoring of fires and heatings in underground coal mines

- Frequency characterisation of coal mine roof talk and the derivation of hearing protection parameters

- Improving hazard awareness in coal mining

- Dust and noise hazards of miners

- Diesel exhaust health effects

- Spontaneous combustion

- Health promotion

- The importance of induction, training and retraining

- Mine fires and explosions

- Inertisation

- The explosibility of float dust

- Mine simulated emergency evacuations

- Mine environment monitoring

- The changing face of mining legislation in Queensland

- Safety performance related to shiftwork- Fitness for duty

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