Sustainability is key for future of NSW mining

SPEAKING at an environmental workshop in Dubbo recently, Carolyn Bloch, Acting Director-General of the NSW Department of Mineral Resources said Government alone cannot determine the future of a sustainable mining industry.

Staff Reporter

“While the strategic planning of the Department of Mineral Resources and other government agencies can establish a climate which supports a sustainable mining industry, government alone cannot determine the future” said Bloch.

“A strong and sustainable mining industry is its own best advertisement for attracting ongoing exploration investment. However, a strong mining industry must not come at the cost of poor environmental outcomes,” she said.

Bloch added the industry must be seen to be a sustainable one, which is economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially beneficial.

“This implies open and transparent environmental management programs, information sharing with the community, backed by full accountability for its environmental and social performance,” Bloch said.

Around 100 representatives from mining and exploration companies attended the workshop as part of regular meetings to discuss key environmental, regulatory and policy issues.

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