Innovative conveyor roll released by DBT

DBT AMERICA has released the industry's only high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conveyor roll constructed of a proprietary formulation that does not utilize a thin poly cover over a steel roll.
Innovative conveyor roll released by DBT Innovative conveyor roll released by DBT Innovative conveyor roll released by DBT Innovative conveyor roll released by DBT Innovative conveyor roll released by DBT

DBT's Exalon conveyor roll

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Representing an investment of nearly two years of research and development, DBT said the reformulated EXALON™ roll saves mine operators time and money, enhances mine safety and offers several industry firsts.

“EXALON™ has been tested against the bulk material handling industry's leading steel conveyor rolls, and has been proven by mine operators to last two to three times longer than steel rolls, even in highly corrosive and/or highly abrasive environments,” the company said.

If an Exalon™ roll locks up for any reason, the polyethylene acts as a slider bar. As a result EXALON™ rolls do not expose razor sharp steel cutting edges that can tear or damage expensive conveyor belting, thereby extending the life of the belt and lowering operational costs for mine owners.

Other advantages include an industry-leading average wall thickness of three-fourths of an inch and a weight that is 20%-30% lighter than steel rolls. DBT said EXALON™ can fit any frame and customers can also order customized units for specific applications.

DBT’s conveyor product engineers also reformulated EXALON's™ material to reduce the risk of static build-up, leading MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) to certify the roll as flame retardant and approve it for underground operations. In addition, EXALON™ significantly reduces noise levels (up to 20% over steel rolls) in underground mining applications. And finally, the roll's natural non-adhesive property resists material build-up.

"By extending belt life and reducing downtime EXALON™ represents significant savings to mine operators," said Bill Currie, General Manager Conveyor Products, DBT America. "The product will help our customers operate their mines more safely and efficiently, and illustrates DBT's commitment to extending the life and cost effectiveness of all mining products."

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