Joy wins major Shenhua contract

MAJOR coal mining group, Shenhua, has placed orders for two complete sets of roof supports.

Staff Reporter

The two sets of Joy Mining Machinery roof supports consist of units at 2.55m to 5.5m in height with 884 tonnes shield load and 350mm wide bore legs. These are the highest roof supports Joy has ever manufactured and are just bigger than the 5.4m UK-based Daw Mill mine shields.

The new order for the first set, consisting of 179 shields, is scheduled for delivery in late 2004 while the second set of 150 units is due in early 2005.

In addition to this order, Shenhua has purchased three sets of RS20s, Joy’s latest control systems, to be retrofitted to the existing Joy supports at the Shendong coal mines. Also ordered were three 48mm AFCs and a 7LS6 shearer. These latest additions means that Shenhua will now be running with eight 48mm AFCs, the largest population of conveyors of this size in the world.

In addition to this sales achievement, Joy China also secured an order last month from Daning Mine, the Asian American joint venture, for one 7LS6 shearer to be delivered later this year.

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