DBT�s fearless tiger

IT may be smaller than big brother FBL-40, but DBT’s newest shield hauler suits the cramped conditions of its first buyer – China’s Anjailing Jinggong mine – which has dubbed the machine “Meng Hu”, meaning fearless tiger.
DBT’s fearless tiger DBT’s fearless tiger DBT’s fearless tiger DBT’s fearless tiger DBT’s fearless tiger

DBT's MH-40 shield hauler

Angie Tomlinson

The traditional FBL-40 shield hauler was too large for the Anjailing mine, so DBT Australia’s Development and Diesel Engineering department was given the job of designing a “little brother”- a shorter and narrower machine for better maneuverability in cramped conditions, and with a lower profile for enhanced operator visibility.

DBT said the use of Inventor 3D design software allowed a highly detailed design – including optimization of component layout – to be developed with a short lead time.

The new machine is powered by a Caterpillar DITA developing 195kW (260 HP), resulting in a high-power machine with low emissions and low heat dissipation.

The engine’s features were adopted from the FBL-40, including an electronic engine shutdown system.

The sales and engineering team realised "FBL" was a bit of a mouthful for Chinese customers – and invited the DBT office in Beijing to come up with a name. They christened the new machine Meng Hu, which means “fearless tiger”, a popular expression.

The Meng Hu, officially called MH-40, was designed to carry 40 tonnes on standard forks. The design focuses on haulage of longwall shields and heavier ancillary components of the longwall.

The machine features specially designed attachments – including an 8.5m³ ejector coal bucket, cookie plate, shearer trailer and slew jib.

Initially two new machines will be delivered to the Anjailing Jinggong Mine in the country’s Shanxi Province.

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