Down with SO2 emissions

A US$21 million project targeting lower sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants has been successfully demonstrated at the Whitewater Valley Station in Richmond, Indiana.
Down with SO2 emissions Down with SO2 emissions Down with SO2 emissions Down with SO2 emissions Down with SO2 emissions

LIFAC activation reactor

Angie Tomlinson

The LIFAC Sorbent Injection Desulfurization Demonstration project was one of 13 selected as part of the US Department of Energy’s Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program.

LIFAC North America, a joint venture between ICF Kaiser Engineers and Tampella Power Corporation, successfully showed LIFAC was a relatively low capital cost SO2 control option for older, smaller, space-constrained plants. LIFAC can supplement scrubbers applied to larger plants for overall utility compliance.

The LIFAC dry flue gas desulfurization process injects limestone into the furnace with activation of untreated calcium dioxide.

LIFAC demonstrated long-term SO2 removal efficiency of 70% for coals averaging 2.25% sulfur content and high system availability, and produced a solid by-product readily removed for landfill.