Insider guide gets makeover

A roller-coaster first half of the year has compelled the writers of the coal traders’ definitive reference – the Coal Trading Handbook – to review every section in the face of a rapidly changing market.
Insider guide gets makeover Insider guide gets makeover Insider guide gets makeover Insider guide gets makeover Insider guide gets makeover


Angie Tomlinson

The Coal Trading Handbook combines analysis of the US and global coal markets with coverage of coal trading techniques and risk management strategies. It is written by coal consultants Hill & Associates and coal and emissions specialists Doyle Trading Consultants.

"When we first published the Coal Trading Handbook in 2003, we anticipated making a few minor revisions each year. After wild second half of 2003, we revised and updated the entire handbook for 2004. Then, after the roller-coaster, first six months of 2004, we felt compelled to review every section and make additional revisions and updates. The market is changing that quickly," Doyle president Stephen Doyle said.

“We created this product for companies with ‘coal capital’ at risk: electric utilities, merchant generators, debt/equity traders, coal miners, energy traders, bankers, energy analysts, railroads, barge lines and PUC commissioners.”

The handbook covers mining techniques, combustion methods, coal reserves, transportation costs, inventories, mining companies, utilities, merchant generators, synfuel plants, importers/exporters, physical characteristics of coal, supply/demand drivers, price volatility drivers and traditional risk management techniques. It also covers the Over The Counter (OTC) market.

Doyle has developed and executed trading and hedging strategies for Ruhrkohle Trading, Integrity International, Peabody Coaltrade, Vitol/Avista, Sithe Energies and Allegheny Energy over the years.