Live Line boosts safety

A NEW product from Brisbane-based i.Power Solutions promises to prevent a repeat of a recent incident where an electrician received an electric shock when he made direct contact with the load side terminals of a moulded case circuit breaker whilst it was in the “OFF” position.
Live Line boosts safety Live Line boosts safety Live Line boosts safety Live Line boosts safety Live Line boosts safety

i.Power's Live Line Indicator

Angie Tomlinson

Published in Australian Longwall Magazine

The Live Line Indicator (LLi module) is a safety monitoring device which provides a visual display of the status of each phase in a three phase AC load circuit, alerting mechanical personnel or process operators undertaking electrical isolations of equipment.

After performing the electrical isolation, and before gaining access to the equipment, the LLi module will verify, via its door mounted remote display indicator, if power from all three phases has been successfully removed.

The LLi module can be applied to both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equipment and retrofits. With its compact design, the LLi module can be panel mounted adjacent to the electrical disconnecting/switch device. Its three phase and earth cables are connected directly to the supply which requires monitoring.

The remote indicator has dual, high intensity light emitting diodes (LED) per phase which provide redundancy of indication and are located 120 angular degrees from the other phases.

Although it is new to the market place the LLi product has already been specified in two current projects, with quantities in excess of 200 units ordered.

“With safety being paramount, both managers and engineers in industry today are receptive to the need for improving and upgrading the safety standards of existing equipment,” said i.Power sales engineer Doug Jeanes.

The LLi Remote Indicator, resembling a standard door mount indicator light, only requires a standard 22.5mm diameter hole. In addition, the LLi module has multi-ranging operating voltage, offering flexibility.